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Find out more about the TinEye official browser extensions, widgets and bookmarklet to make your searching easier and faster.

What is the TinEye bookmarklet?

The TinEye bookmarklet allows you to search for any images appearing on the web page you are viewing, without having to go to TinEye first. Unlike the TinEye extension — which allows you to right-click an image to search for it — the bookmarklet is a little script that is run from your browser's bookmark menu. When you click the bookmarklet, it submits the URL of the web page you are viewing to TinEye, fetches the images, and asks you to choose which image to search (just like when you paste a web page URL to the TinEye search page).

How do I install the bookmarklet?

TinEye Images

Just right-click the grey button on the right, and select 'Bookmark This Link' or 'Add to Favorites'. The bookmarklet will be added to your browser's bookmarks menu or toolbar as if it were a regular bookmark.

On some browsers you can actually drag and drop the grey button into your bookmark toolbar so it will appear as below.

Bookmark Bar

How do I install the bookmarklet on a mobile device?

To install the bookmarklet on a mobile device follow these steps:

  1. Click the bookmarklet link (here). This will reload the current page with the bookmarklet code added to the page url.
  2. Add the page to your browser's bookmarks.
  3. Go to the bookmark edit options for the new bookmark in your browser.
  4. From bookmark edit options > bookmark url or location field, remove everything up to and including the # symbol from the link. So remove "http://tineye.com/bookmarklet#" from the link and resave the bookmark.

How do I run the bookmarklet?

Simple, just select 'TinEye Images' from your browser's bookmark menu or toolbar. TinEye will do the rest!

How do I run the bookmarklet using Chrome on mobile devices?

You make the bookmarklet in the same way, but then rather than use the bookmark directly you type its name into the address box over the page you want to search. While doing that you will get various suggestions, and you must keep typing until the bookmarklet itself appears — it has a star beside it. Beware of links to other pages, including ours, with the same or similar names. They have something other than a star.

There may be some versions of Chrome or some devices on which you can just select the 'TinEye Images' bookmark. If it works you will be taken to a page showing images from the one you were just at.