TinEye for Android BETA

Welcome TinEye Fan!

Our TinEye android beta sends your search picture to TinEye for searching. The search is done against the same database of web images as TinEye uses.


TinEye for Android only works with Android v2.1 and later. It does not work with some phones running Android v4.1 or v4.2. Use at your own risk. But we appreciate your feedback at hi@tineye.com.

It has been tested on:

Important: Do NOT install on a Samsung Galaxy S with Android v2.3.2 or less - it crashes and freezes the phone, requiring the battery to be removed to restart the phone. We are still working to resolve this serious problem.

TinEye Version 1.2 Update

Version 1.2 includes a bug fix for the Samsung Galaxy S running Android v2.3.3 where the camera would display a blank screen after taking a single photo.

TinEye Version 1.1 Update

Version 1.1 includes a bug fix where the photo was uploaded to TinEye in landscape mode instead of in portrait mode on some phones.


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Thank you and happy searching!